domingo, 2 de maio de 2010

The beautiful Galatea of my dreams

As King Pygmalion of Cyprus
today this morning
I dreamed that
I would find my Galatea in the Ceará.
I do not bring me the talent of a master Noza
and if I had did not produce religious images,
but images of nymphets and goddesses of love.
Today I dreamed that Tupa gave me the grace
to find my ideal woman in a beach hut on the beach of the future
where I met my future in a mental sculpture of the past.
In my dream this image of the past involved me with your charms,
my body burning in her gaze hangover
from the beautiful Galatea of my dreams.
Inebriate me with your sweet kisses
transported me to the realization of an old dream.
Today in my dream I felt wooed
by a beautiful woman
that I keep in a secret corner of my mind
these days of my teenage boy Glamour imagination.
I woke up remembering that girl who often imagined grown woman
by my side imagined as beautiful as the statue by Pygmalion.
By Cícero